Upcoming presentations/conferences:



Conference Plant Animal Genome XXVJanuary 14-18, 2017, San Diego, CA. Poster 319:  'Genome-Wide Association Study and Genomic Selection of Sorghum bicolor biomass traits using high-precision drone-based phenotyping.'


Conference Plant Animal Genome XXIVJanuary 9-13, 2016, San Diego, CA. Presentation at 'Rice Functional Genomics' workshop:  'GS + de novo GWAS in tropical and temperate irrigated rice breeding programs.' 

Workshop Genomic selection in rice: concepts, case studies, prospects.  November 24-27, 2015, Montpellier, France, hosted by CIRAD. Presentation: 'Genomic selection and association mapping in rice: accuracy of rice GS in tropical elite rice breeding lines.'